Household Goods Packaging Services, and Residence Relocation Services, in India and Global.

Need assistance with moving your sweet home to a better place, or want residence relocation services?
Don’t know how to start with the packaging and all?
No worries!
Our Household Goods Packaging Services, and Residence Relocation Services, are suited to your wants, and available at local market prices.

We handle import and export of Goods, in all Indian States; and Global Cargo Export.
Partnered with Global Logistics Brands and reputed courier services, we are able to provide you a unique end-to-end secured goods transportation experience.

How our domestic Household Shifting Services work?

Shift to a new house, move to a new apartment, or relocate your start-up; get it done with our professionals.
They will take care of the whole process; including everything from the packaging of goods, loading, moving, unloading, to all the ‘in-betweens of home relocation’.

It might sound easy to shift your youse, but once you you start sorting out the stuff for packaging, you understand the headache that’s looming over you.

Often times we are contacted by people for getting packaging assistance, as they are confused which items to hold onto and which to sell off.
We also provide simple selling solutions for all the items, you don’t need anymore. They can be furniture, automobiles, or normal household goods.

We have a well saturated logistics infrastructure for house shifting services in India, which covers all Indian states and cities.
We also promise same day delivery of goods within West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, and other nearby states; since our headquarters is located in the heart of Kolkata.

How our Global Cargo export works?

Say you are shifting or moving abroad. You will surely want to get your goods delivered, the very day you land in your new city.

Our delivery system ensures same day delivery for all cargo export. You plan out your move with our experts, and let them take care of the shifting.

Our prices are based on fair market prices, so you don’t feel any extra cost pressure. You will be able to monitor the progress of the shipment, anytime you want.
We believe in total transparency.

Do you get to choose the Goods Vehicles, for household shifting?

Once you contact us, we will lay out a fully operational transportation plan for you. You will definitely have the freedom to choose the goods carriers, as per your preferences.

You can even include amplified cushioning for fragile goods and brittle items. Everything will be formatted just the way you want the shifting to be.

What about Fine Art, and Sculptures?

Needless to say, we take all the measures to protect your precious Art items and sculptures.

Our professionals have undergone vigorous training in the packaging, loading, and unloading off Fine Art products and brittle Sculptures.

And, though it has never happened in our history of services; if any damage occurs, you will get a full compensation for the actual price of the item.

Get your free quote today, to start with your dream home shifting experience!