Our Corporate office space relocation service is made up of 2 most basic steps.
You need to know them inside out for a successful Office shifting experience.

The total time needed to move a corporate office or a hospitality unit is approximately two-three months.
You seriously don’t want to rush in making the big move.

You have to have a budget in hand and a back-end workforce plan, while the office space gets relocated.
Our team of professionals will surely take all the relative measures to not hamper the work flow of your company, during the process, at any means possible. But, your planning is really what counts the most.

Here are the 2 steps, involved:

First, Moving the workforce out to the new location with all the basic equipment:

With a fully functional office, it is completely impossible to start the shifting process.
The area needs to be free of interference.
The same is applied, if you want to shift an existing operational Hotel, Restaurant, Pub, Café, or want to relocate a Clinic or Hospital.
Our expert packers will guide you in determining, how to shift the work-force with all the basic essentials.

You can also place your suggestions, and we will strictly follow them too.

We will initially get the basic setup moved, to avoid any kind of productivity loss for your company and organisation.
Everything needs a plan, and it is not an anomaly with our services. We first work out the plan, mark it feasible, and then initiate the loading of Goods.

We will offer a plan as permitted by your budget, to give you a hassle-free and satisfied shifting experience.

Then, Getting the bulk goods moving:

We call our second step the Speedy Items Recovery.

Once the workforce is moved out, our professionals will begin the loading and unloading of the bulk goods.
These will include the support systems, computers, desks and other furniture falling in the line.

Our easy sell-off solutions can also help you sell away all the unwanted and unnecessary office goods, that you won’t be needing anymore.

The packaging material we use are made up of shock-proof fabrics and inlines. They ensure zero-damage for your expensive equipment, and systems.
We use separate packaging for each disassembled items. Like one carton for one monitor, one box container for one CPU, and so on.
We have German made Freight trucks and Cargo Carriers too, that will definitely serve your purpose.

Also our experts are well trained to disassemble and assemble electronics, computers, and other machineries like AC and Coolers. So, you have not to worry about getting the computers assembled and started up.

However, it is still advised to appoint one or two instructors, from your end, to avoid any complications at all.

We provide office relocation and shifting services in West Bengal, and other nearby states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa.
We also move office cargo in all major cites, in India.

Get the free quote today, to start planning beforehand!