We, at Satyam Enterprises, have the network and facility to help you smoothly relocate cargo and industrial goods.
Our packaging setup is meant to provide fast and efficient factory relocation and goods movement.

With a liquid like access on all major modes of transport network- Air transport, Sea Transport, and Road Transport; your cargo reaches the destination as scheduled.

The vehicles we use for Cargo Road Transport, include advanced German grade Freight Trucks and Cargo Carriers. Built to endure heavy suspension and thrusts, they get the cargo moved with utmost damage protection.

We provide well planned packaging services for FMCG, Fabrics, Machinery, Flammable Products and Fuels, and Chemicals. With us, you can also plan a complete Factory Relocation.

Our services are exponentially saturated in, but not limited to, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Nepal, Coastlines, and all other major cities. Along with it, we also offer international cargo export and delivery.

How our Industrial Goods Packaging Services work?

We have 3-point-setup. Starting with the Goods pickup point, and ending with the Goods drop point, with you getting the full freedom to remotely track your shipment.

All Goods will be packed as per your directions. You can also define different pick-up dates for multiple Goods type and heavy cargo.
Our experts will arrange your dates, ship the cargo, and get it unloaded, exactly on the scheduled dates.

Our packaging professionals are well trained in handling all Industrial Goods types. They take precaution and measures to eradicate damage, spills, pressure, and temperature fluctuation. They will select the containers, packaging materials, cartons, and vehicle carriers, accordingly, to ensure optimum delivery performance.

In terms of Cargo Export, we minutely look after the whole packaging, and then hand it over to global logistics service providers for further shipment procedures.
Your delivery is our concern. We promise no mistakes!

How the Factory Relocation services work?

We make full use of advanced CRM and CMS software setup, for providing the ultimate ‘zero-loss’ relocation services. All products shipment records are securely stored, in our database, and are in full synchronisation with your personal records.

Factory setup movement and relocation demands a whole another level of professionalism, of its own.
That’s due to the enormous amount of Goods getting swapped for days.
There are huge metal sheets, heavy machinery and equipment, raw goods, flammable fluids, highly toxic chemical products, perishable goods, and other essential items and devices.
Plus the Vehicles and Carriers also need to provide labour space for supervision.

Our vehicles are chosen to cater to all these basic necessities for shifting your whole factory setup.

Anytime you want, you can get your free quote, and get started with our services. Prices are kept pertaining to the local market fares.
You can also customise the whole process, pause, and make other critical changes, whenever you feel the need to do so!

While filling out the form, please do mention the precise transportation status, like Inter-City Transport, Pan-India Packaging and Moving, Inter-State, or Local Road Transport.
Your details help us to serve you better.